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A Slow Start

Presenting a creatively titled blog post by yours truly, SEO be damned. The beginning of February will mark four months of living in our new house in Somerset. It’s not been an easy few months for other reasons, so wallpaper and light fittings haven’t exactly been a top priority, but as I’m here with plenty of time to mull it over, I thought I’d chat a bit about where things are at as first-time homeowners. 

Before buying I had a very romantic view of what it might be like to move into a house and make those changes that turn it into your home (thanks Instagram). You start with such enthusiasm- the Pinterest boards and saved folders, the purchases of items that will one day be perfect for that space you have in mind- and then you get in and unpack (most of, maybe) your things and the overwhelm hits. Or at least it has for me. 

I’m aware four months is no time at all in the grand scheme of things, but it can feel a bit like living in somebody else’s home when you’re left with their old curtains and choice of wall colour. Of course, I’m sure plenty would argue that those things are quick fixes, but I don’t love the idea of sinking any money or time into things that are temporary (curtains are expensive). Perhaps I’m being too precious about it because I’ve never been able to paint a room before, and even the easiest of tasks feel quite scary. It’s probably a case of just digging in and getting started. 

But that introduces the issue of tradespeople. Not that there is anything wrong with them, I just have no bloody clue who you hire for what job. Aside from the obvious plumbing, electrician, or plasterer, who changes a small interior window? Who removes a window sill/creates and installs a new one? Who can tell me if we can open up the fireplace? It feels like everyone else just knows these things somehow, but I need a For Dummies book that tells me the technical names of the things I need to be done before I can even think about working out who will be doing them.

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