13/06/2023 Farmoor Reservoir, Oxfordshire .

Lesser Scaup: This trans-Atlantic vagrant that breed in northern and central North America in lakes, rivers, marshes, and wetlands with shallow water. It migrates for the winter to southern North America and northern South America where it can be found on lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and coastal bays.

And on occasion they turn up on our freshwater lakes and reservoirs. This individual has taken up residence on a large res in Oxfordshire for several weeks now and I couldn’t resist the pull of a rare bird while passing.

The bird was associating with a large group of tufted ducks that were bobbing around in the most sheltered part of the res as the day I turned up was a very windy day, I thought I was going to get blown int the water while crossing the causeway. The bird showed well and came close at times, perhaps pushed in by the strong winds? Either way its. atop bird to catch up with. 

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