From the a Surprise Proposal to the Engagement and Everything in Between

It was a moment that Elizabeth will never forget, the day Jack proposed to her. It was the best day ever! The surprises just kept on coming, and it all started with Jack returning from Milwaukee for work. Elizabeth had her suspicions something was up and secretly hoped that Jack would propose soon. Little did she know, a surprise proposal was coming her way!

On the day of the proposal, Elizabeth had planed to attend a friend’s bridal shower. Jack promised he would meet her out after his flight landed! When Elizabeth arrived at the restaurant where the shower was being held, Jack waiting for her in a sport coat with a huge grin on his face! At that moment she immediately knew what was happening! Jack had planned the whole thing, and the bridal shower was just a part of it. And yes, she had gifts in hand!

The Battery

The faux shower was being held at one of their favorite places, The Battery! It was around Christmas time so the whole place was decked out. Jack walked her up to a giant Christmas Tree and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. It was an easy yes for Elizabeth! As if that wasn’t enough, their sisters and parents came running out to surprise them! But the excitement didn’t end there! Multiple groups of their closest family and friends also joined in on the celebration. Elizabeth was beyond ecstatic!

The weekend was full of fun, love, and excitement, with everyone they loved coming together to celebrate their engagement. Elizabeth was overjoyed and couldn’t believe everything was planned for her. It was a perfect romantic comedy moment that will forever hold a special place in Elizabeth’s heart.

The surprise proposal was not only a special moment for Elizabeth and Jack, but it also brought their families and friends together. Elizabeth was already excited about everyone coming together for their wedding day! She knew it would be just as special as the proposal.

I think it’s safe to say, the best day of Elizabeth’s life was when Jack proposed to her. The surprises and love that surrounded them made it a moment they will never forget. It’s a reminder that sometimes the best moments in life come unexpectedly, and they’re the ones that make life worth living.

After hearing about their proposal I was so excited to meet them at their engagement session! We strolled downtown Winter Park and they even brought their labor doodle, Stella!

Life update: They finally got married at The Cloister in Sea Island, Georgia!

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